What is SEO for Dental Websites?

  • Graphic one New patient actively searches
    for a new dental clinic.
  • Graphic two The dentist's clinic shows up with an optimized web presence.
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    through your website.

Dental SEO or simply SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing the volume and quality of organic traffic to your dental website. Every major search engine such as Google© Bing™ or Yahoo© organically index websites by running a series of algorithms that crawl and select sites that are optimized effectively. In other words, the better overall optimization that your dental website has, the better your organic ranking will be on the aforementioned search engines

Bitebank SEO Process
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How is Bitebank SEO different?

Our SEO program is solely dental focused and tailored to suit your dental practice, which is where most of our expertise lie. We will carefully monitor your website and provide you with measures that track the amount of times your audiences click while on your site. The data that is collected from this is then compiled by our Internet Marketing Team, who will make modifications to your website according to the industry’s best practices. The process is quite complex and it involves several tasks that include creating unique content, link building, website reputation, and a variety of technical modifications. Here at Bitebank, our experts will create and set you up with a custom dental Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan that works best for you and your practice.

Why Optimize your Dental Website?

Build a robust web presence while outranking the competition.
These Are Just Some of the Advantages of a Bitebank Optimized Site:
  • Higher placement and rankings on search engines
  • Greater insight on your website traffic
  • Bring in new patients to your dental clinic
  • Medium to long term Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Easy to understand monthly reports with detailed data
  • More cost efficient than traditional forms of advertising like print and radio ads
Optimize Website
Optimize Website Optimize Website

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